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Trading rules

Loco London Gold
Loco London Silver
 Contract Size 100 oz 5000 oz
The lowest price volatility HKD 0.1
Minimun transaction per lot(s) 0.1 lots
Initial margin HKD 7800 per lot HKD 15600 per lot
Lock position margin HKD 1000 per lot HKD 2000 per lot
Daily interedt rate   Buy in 2.5% / Sell out 0.5%
Trading time Monday 07:00 to Saturday 03:00 (Summer)
Monday 08:00 to Saturday 03:30 (Winter)

Spreads adjustment

Closed half an hour before the weekend will be adjusted spreads, the price display system to prevail; large price fluctuations, spread costs may adjust according to market conditions, the price display system to prevail. Power long or financial Bullion charged at the standard spread, but will be adjusted spread before the usual weekend closed, the Company reserves the right to adjust the point spread betting platform charges without prior notice, the Company has the right to interpret and discretion to charge a pip.



  1. Customers can have their injection to their trading account to deposit funds in accordance with capital injection provided on our website.
  2. Unless the company has verified the acknowledged receipt of the fund transfer from the customer, the company would not allow the injection from clients.
  3. Transaction costs arising with the funding through the bank transfer shall be afforded by the client himself.
  4. The customers take the responsibility of the loss caused by the long or timely financial injection on the page.


  1. Before the first withdrawal, customer’s bank card and a photocopy of the ID card are required to be submitted to the Company. Otherwise, the customers’ withdrawal requests would not be accepted.
  2. Single client application for withdrawal remittance processing fee is $ 50 or more arising shall be paid by the Company.
  3. If customers’ single application withdrawals are under $ 50, the company will charge them $ 300 as the transfer fee.
  4. When customers apply the withdrawal with the trading volume less than 50% of the capital injection, the company will charge 6% of the withdrawal amount as a transfer fee.
  5. Once the Company has received application for the withdrawal, the process of remittance is expected to be finished within 2 hours.
  6. In the view of the third-party reasons, payments processing speed of the bank is beyond our control and hard to predict accurately. Therefore, clients may be unable to receive the funds even after 2 hours and the company would not take the responsibility of any problems caused by this delay.
  7. Arrival currency is based on that received from the clients held by Location bank card, clients’ arrival currency would be RMB from mainland bank, and Hong Kong dollars from Hong Kong bank, the rest of the clients’ arrival currency is counted as US dollar.
  8. All the interpretation and decision for the financial injection and withdrawal fees are retained.

Exchange rate

All non-US dollar deposits will be converted into HK dollars. The withdrawals would be done according to the exchange rates for the respective currency deposit from customers.

Forced liquidation

When the payment ratio is up to 30% in the accounts, the system will start closing position from the trading order with serious loss, until the payment ration is back to above 30%. When the price volatility appears, it is possible to skip the 30% and below 30% and the negative number may be caused in the balance.

Pending order and the validity period for the stop-loss setting

The validity period of pending order and the stop-loss setting last for one trading week, all the pending order without opening a position and the stop-loss setting without execution would be canceled. Customers, if necessary, can re-set that after the market opening on Monday. In addition, as the market close during international holidays, all the pending order without opening a position and the stop-loss setting without execution would also be canceled.

Trading code

  1. The company offer free position opening and free trading code.
  2. Opening position / Close transaction code need to be equivalent to the corresponding customer order number, with uniqueness.
  3. Free trading code for customers are the concessions from company, the Company reserves the right to charge transaction coding.

Short positions limits

When a certain number of transactions stay at the single position less than 5 minutes, it is likely to be included within the scope of unusual transactions.

Transaction history and transaction records

When there are any disputations between the clients and the company, the right of disclosing the transaction history and customer transaction records for making clarification is reserved.

Trading Platform enforcement mechanisms

Clients must understand that the trading platform is processing orders in accordance with its own enforcement mechanism. At the same time, when multiple orders have reached the effective price, they are not executed only in accordance with the price, the time priority of order establishment is also the possible factor. When dealing with the priority of order, the transaction processing mechanism platform would prevail, the right of interpretation of the financial mechanism of transaction processing platform is reserved.

Set distance

There exist the possibilities of different distance setting between opening pending order and stop-loss setting in different times and stages. Wing On Global Markets Ltd reserve the right to change the distance setting without prior notice, all the distance setting displayed on the platform system would prevail.

Re-quotes allow distance

Trading platform comes with the function of avoiding slippage, when the price at the time of submission is different from that in the server during processing, the system can help resubmit and wait for the confirmation from the client in which the client can decide whether such deviation is tolerated. The clients can make tolerance between the deviation of quoted price and current price but the price beating fast, even though the customer have set the large allowable deviation, it is also possible that the transaction cannot be completed because of the non-existing price in the market or the large deviation from the current market price.


The final right of interpretation of financial concessions for customers is reserved, and customers reserve the right of usage of valid privilege.

Trading code query

Wing On Global Market ltd is recognized as one of the electronic trading platform in Hong Kong gold industry trading field. With 0.1 lot or more London gold / silver electronic trading per client, the clients would receive the trading code from Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange. Customers can feel free to get more information of the Gold and Silver Exchange trading code details from the official website.

Details can be field with the trade website: http: //